Every time I'm asked to speak somewhere or someone comes across my books, the biggest question I get is: "Do you train people? I want you to be my trainer." I've trained dozens of people in the past but most often didn't have the time to meet people at their gyms several days a week. But my heart aches to help people reach their strength and fitness goals.  

So, I have decided to start training people in my home gym. My time for training is limited, however, studies have shown that devoting as little as two hours a week can change the health, strength, and physique of anyone willing to put in the work and use of proper training methods. 

I only train men currently. 


The perfect way to get the year started off right


Do you want to learn the foundations of strength? 

Do you hate going to a gym with no idea where to start? 

Do you want to grow your confidence and energy levels?

$350/2 months

  • Learn How to Properly Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift 
  • Increase Strength and Testosterone 
  • Learn How to Eat to Maximize Muscle and Decrease Fat 
  • Less than $30/hr (Avg. cost at big box gyms is $45-$60/hr)

Have you been lifting for a few years but can't seem to bust through plateaus? 

Do you want to increase your deadlift and squat but need the extra knowledge and coaching to get there?

$350/2 months

  • Push Past Strength Plateaus 
  • Tweak your diet in order to earn your goals
  • Learn how I increased my deadlift by 70 lbs in 3 months
  • Less than $30/hr (Avg. cost at big box gyms is $45-$60/hr)

You might want more one-on-one attention, while I have limited hours to offer in these sessions I can devote 100% attention to you and your goals. 

Maybe you just want a one-time coaching session to determine your proper lifting methods and stances?


  • Personal attention to your goals and needs 
  • No contract obligation
  • Learn how to work around bad joints/injuries
  • A one-time shot in the arm to motivate and excite you to train 


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