Ten Commandments of Lifting Weights
By Jared Zimmerer

 "In a world that is filled with one fitness craze after another and where the temptation to glorify the body is a constant battle for many, it is necessary to have a perspective that sees through the lens of God's truth. The Ten Commandments of Lifting Weights is an excellent resource that raises the bar and challenges the weightlifter to rise above narcissism and selfishness while training for the honor and glory of God. Jared Zimmerer sets a strong benchmark for all those who appreciate fitness of both the body and the soul."

- Doug Barry, Founder/Director RADIX ; Seen on EWTN's Life on The Rock

"When a 6'5", 265 pound Texan gives you some firm suggestions, it's probably a good idea to follow them. When you find those suggestions are also Commandments from God Himself, then all doubt has been removed, and it's time to get down to business. I thank God that he has provided us with such a great big Texan, in the person of Jared Zimmerer, to remind us of God's will for us regarding our own human bodies. As Christians we know that our bodies are good. God created us as ensouled bodies, as miraculous blends of the material and the spiritual...In fact this book in your hands might be said to be the place where testosterone and the Holy Spirit meet."

- from the foreword, written by Dr. Kevin Vost; best-selling author of Tending the Temple, Fit for Eternal Life and Memorize the Faith.