Personally, I'm a huge fan of fiction. I love stories of all kinds. Fantasy, classics, dystopia, saint stories, you name it, I've probably read it, or at least the same genre. The stories of the saints in particular are near to my heart, but most often the gritty details of the lives of these people are left out of the story and we're left with, most often, a puritan-style Christian story with little to no action, leaving one to think that these people must not have struggled with life, conversion, or even sin. That's why I started writing. I wanted to give a style of fiction that would resonate with today's reader. One filled with action, adventure, love, tragedy, and conversions that aren't as clean and neat as they are often portrayed. I didn't want to stray or be fearful of portraying the lives of these people as the reality that they were: messy. 

There are numerous obscure saints whom people have never heard of. Their stories are often gleamed over and seen as a blip on the radar of human history. I want to take these lives and bring them to the light through imagination and wonder. These books are written in a gritty, bold way. They trudge into the reality of human life where things just aren't as clean cut as we often see them. 

My first series is about a man that some might have heard of but never knew his full story. Moses the Black is a fascinating character of history whose story is often untold. However, in this series of novellas, with a little imagination and creative license, I am bringing his story to you for you to enjoy. Tales of love, murder, magic, bandits, and conversion are thrusted into a world where Christianity was struggling to survive as the old gods would not go quietly.

This series is going to be a 10 volume series while the story goes deeper and deeper into the life and martyrdom of Moses the Black. The first volume is written and ready but I want to know what you think.

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