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What People Are Saying


"Jared Zimmerer is boldly taking the lead into one of the great peripheries of the New Evangelization."

- Very Reverend Robert Barron
Founder, Word on Fire Catholic Ministries
Rector, Mundelein Seminary

"Jared Zimmmerer has properly identified the cultural concern for sports, fitness, nutrition and health as providing the Church with an evangelization opportunity and in this regard, he is taking the lead. The concerns of heath, nutrition and fitness are not merely matters of the body, but matters of the soul- building the body can engender strength for the Kingdom. As such, Jared Zimmerer proposes a new asceticism for the new evangelization, preparing body, mind and soul for the Church's mission to transform the culture for Christ."
- Father Steve Grunow, CEO, Word on Fire Catholic Ministries

“Jared Zimmerer is quickly becoming one of the top Catholic speakers in the country. His passion and zeal for the faith are truly inspiring! Firmly rooted in the teachings of the Church, Jared will both challenge and motivate those who hear him to strive for deeper intimacy with the Lord. I highly recommend him for your next parish mission, Catholic conference, or any event that is geared toward leading souls to the fullness of Christ and His Church.”

- Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, Catholic Evangelist and Speaker 

"Jared is the combination of St. Augustine and Arnold Schwarzenegger"

- Brandon Vogt, Content Director for Word on Fire Catholic Ministries, Author and Speaker at 




“Jared is a man phenomenally on fire with the Faith, a missionary, showing us the true virtue and holiness of the masculine genius. Recognizing that the Holy Spirit works through us, he consistently speaks to us, calling us to unite mind and body to the work of God in all that we do. His presence alone serves to manifest his passion for Christ, the defense of the goodness of the human body, and the dignity of the whole person.”

- Reverend Fr. David M. Spencer, O. de M. Parochial Vicar, Director of Religious Education & Youth Minister, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Philadelphia, PA.